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11:00am – 9:00pm

11:00am – 8:30pm

Korean Fried Tofu / Leek + Mushroom Soup / Radish + Apple Salad


Ji Hye Kim Joins the List of
Food & Wine Best Chefs of 2021

Inspired by Michigan ingredients and memories of her mother’s cooking, this Best New Chef offers lessons in the history of Korean cuisine interspersed among layers of flavor and texture.

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You can’t understand food without also reckoning with, for instance, immigration policy, poverty and gentrification, real estate, or the effects of climate change.
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“I’m mostly primarily concerned about the staff’s well-being and how that affects the service to our guests”
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“The pandemic brought the inequities in the restaurant industry into stark clarity, and the restaurant leaned into its commitment to equitable business practices and the well-being of the staff, from cross-training front of house and back of house workers to being a One Fair Wage restaurant where employees are paid at least a full minimum wage with tips on top.”
As seen in Thrillist

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“We really try to approach our work and our lives in the belief that really every single human matters and every interaction matters and the salt level in the soup matters and the way we smile when a guest comes in matters and all of it is important,” he said.
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